Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cooling Off!

This is a recent favorite thing to do of Lilly's when she goes outside with Millie. For some reason, perhaps the heat, she can't help but take her shoes off, stand or sit in Millie's water bowl, and then pour it out after she's done. Kinda cute, kinda yucky!


Brad and Lisa said...

You need to get her a little swimming pool... then perhaps she will leave the dog bowl alone. :o)

The Reese's said...

That's my Lilly Bean!

A New Year!

I think one of my resolutions this year should be to keep up with my blog! I got really excited to start it and then I really slacked on keeping up with it. New year, new goals right? The May family is doing well. Steven is enjoying his now full-time job with Northwestern Mutual, especially since he is now graduated! Yea! I am still going to school, just a couple of classes. Lilly is doing great and growing so fast! She's adorable and we love spending time with her and seeing her learn new things. She knows some animal noises when we ask her, such as "What does a puppy say?" She then says, "Woof, woof," and then goes along with a few other animals. Steven thought it would be funny to teach her what Mommy says, which, according to him, is "No, no." She knows that one just as well as the animal noises that she does. He likes to show people the "cute" thing he taught her.