Monday, August 22, 2011

What's Happening...

So it has been 2 months since I said that I would put some new things on my blog and I have failed to do that...yet again. I'm having issues with getting pictures up so as soon as I fix that I will do my best to get some current ones up. I just wanted to give an update of what's going on in the lives of the May family:
Lilly just started pre-K on the 16th of August. She seems to be enjoying it so far and has a lot of her little friends in class with her. She also got her ears pierced (to the dismay of Grandma and Grandpa Williams) and looks super cute! She's talking more and more like a big girl and loves to sing in the car, just like her mom.
Makayla is our little daredevil and getting quite a personality...and attitude I might add. She has started to say "no" and "i don't want to" a lot more frequently. She can be quite independent, but also loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy and tell us "miss you" as she hugs our necks. She's getting alone time with the babysitter while Lilly goes to school, which I think she enjoys. She takes a lot longer of naps with sister gone.
Steven and myself are enjoying our new house and ward. Steven is working in the YM while I am a teacher in the YW. We're getting to know a lot of new people so that's been fun. Steven's finishing up softball and working on getting our backyard done. I am enjoying being with the kiddos in the mornings and then working in the afternoons.
We have had a busy summer and look forward to the rest of our year. We have a family trip to San Antonio coming up in October with Steven's family that we are so excited to go on. Everything is going well!

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Been How Long?

Oh my goodness! I can't believe I haven't posted anything on here for over a year! That clearly shows how bad I am at this type of stuff. I will definatley strive to do better (I always say that!) Pictures and updates will follow soon...promise!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Awesome Trip...from February!

Ok so anyone who really knows me or has been checking my blog knows that I'm not good about getting pictures up in a very timely manner of when they happen. I'm just going to stop apologizing and come to terms with the fact that I'm a slacker! I admit it! Even so, I hope you still enjoy these vacation photos! We sure enjoyed this trip with Steven's family!

Love San Diego!

I can't get over how beautiful this temple is!
Makayla with the Grandparents!

What big ears they have!

Three men and a baby!

Makayla just adores her grandpa!

San Diego 2010!

Lilly loved the beach...probably because that's one of the times I don't mind that she gets dirty!
Me and cute hubby!

Grandma showing Lilly the animals!

Taking a breather from all the walking!

Cute panda mommy getting a bite to eat!

More, more, and more...

Grandma and Auntie Nani with Makayla at the zoo!
Silly daddy and Lilly!

Lilly didn't like Elmo life-size as much as she does when he's in the TV!

Here we are at the USS Midway. Very cool!

Look at those sea lions just laying on the beach! They were so stinky!

Some More San Diego...

What a good daddy to ride the carousel with his Lilly bug!
We're ready for our day at Seaport Village!

On the shoulders is the way to go!

See what I mean?! Makayla especially liked riding this way!

Me and my cutie girls!

A New Year!

I think one of my resolutions this year should be to keep up with my blog! I got really excited to start it and then I really slacked on keeping up with it. New year, new goals right? The May family is doing well. Steven is enjoying his now full-time job with Northwestern Mutual, especially since he is now graduated! Yea! I am still going to school, just a couple of classes. Lilly is doing great and growing so fast! She's adorable and we love spending time with her and seeing her learn new things. She knows some animal noises when we ask her, such as "What does a puppy say?" She then says, "Woof, woof," and then goes along with a few other animals. Steven thought it would be funny to teach her what Mommy says, which, according to him, is "No, no." She knows that one just as well as the animal noises that she does. He likes to show people the "cute" thing he taught her.